Growth Stock Portfolio Up $2600! Should I Sell TESLA Up 284%?

My aggressive growth stock portfolio is up over 60% in under a year and people are asking should I sell Tesla Stock?

My growth stock portfolio was intended to build "passive growth" over time well I don't need access to dividends right now, today I would like to go over that portfolio with you.

Here is a full list of my growth stocks and performance chart over the last year!

TSLA - Tesla 
NVDA - Nvidia
GOOGL - Google
FB - Facebook
NFLX - Netflix
ADBE - Adobe
BABA - Alibaba
CRM - Sales Force
UBER - Uber
PYPL - PayPal
 AMZN - Amazon
BKNG - Booking Holdings

    Growth stock portfolio

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    My sole mission in every message is to empower individual investors by explaining two key aspects of Self Directed Investing or investing on your own. The first is tax protection. Second, is wealth preservation through drastic reduction or elimination of fees present in most managed accounts. The savings over time is indisputable and I'm excited to continue to share my story as a testimonial on what is possible and how anyone can participate in this powerful wealth building strategy over time.

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