Vanguard Sector ETF's are Changing the Way People Approach Passive Investing

My Vanguard Sector ETF's portfolio is slowly making me rich with zero effort. Learn how you can start making money from this simple passive income strategy with no investing experience required for success in the stock market?

11 Sectors in the S&P 500. Simple, Right?  Investing in the stock market should be easier than people think.  My strategy; simple.  Notice a theme; simple?  Pick the percentage through the power of M1 Finance and, Boom!  Just like that you're a Passive Investor!  Check this video out to learn more:

My Vanguard Sector Portfolio is provided below. Remember, numbers don't lie...

How can you invest in #VanguardETF's requires no experience. Using the unique investing strategy through M1Finance is key this portfolio. This video will demonstrate how I invest in #SectorETF's with a relatively small amount of money. Can I invest in a #PassivePortfolio with no experience? Yes, with the power of M1 Finance we are changing the investing opportunity for all who want to take control over their own money! 

My sole mission in every message is to empower individual investors by explaining two key aspects of Self Directed Investing or investing on your own. The first is tax protection. Second, is wealth preservation through drastic reduction or elimination of fees present in most managed accounts. The savings over time is indisputable and I'm excited to continue to share my story as a testimonial on what is possible and how anyone can participate in this powerful wealth building strategy over time.

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