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How Ryan Chartier Became The Independent Investor 

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I discovered self directed investing during the summer of 2012 as my relationship with yet another major brokerage house (4th to be exact) was coming to an end. A cold call from a representative at Bank of America Merrill Edge (now Merrill) introduced me to the prospects of investing on my own and it was at that moment when I began to understand how liberating it can be to take control of your own money.

Up to this point, I was struggling with the idea that I could only meet with my Financial Advisor once per year. I was just beginning to dabble with the prospects of investing in single stocks and the attention necessary to meet all my financial needs were far outpacing what I could expect from the financial services industry.

I recall one particular investment I made in a company called Duke Energy (ticker symbol: DUK) that cost me $50.00 dollar trading fee to enter the position and $300 dollar fee to exit the position (it was explained to me that because I was profitable, I needed to pay more). My broker explained to me how he was bound by obligation to the firm to assess the fee. This was a real crossroads for me and the start of a new chapter in understanding the drastic differences between the financial services industry and investing on my own.

First, most people don’t even know this option exists, so my first challenge was discovery. So I spent the next few years getting familiar with my investing platform, achieving financial thresholds and diving into self-study which I’ll discuss as I evolve my blog articles.

I learned to appreciate “wealth building” as a process and an evolution. I leaned to take the day-to-day action in the stock market and personal budget as opportunities to build for the future and NOT as a substantiation for investing.

When a beginning investor get’s started, it can be very easy to become “stale” or feel “static” because the stock market doesn’t render immediate results. I love to tackle these misconceptions and approach the stock market like a life long partner.

Yes, there will be ups and downs in the stock market just like in life. You don’t know how your life will turn out but if you apply consistent positive pressure with the time your granted and maintain a winner’s attitude the results will evolve over time and render exceptional validation for why we invest.

Ryan Chartier Independent Investor

I started the Independent Investor Channel in January of 2017 with a very simple goal, to empower one investor at a time. I had no idea where the project would go or who I would meet along the way.

The power of social media has allowed me opportunities I would have never been able to capture had it not been for the ability to share my message with the world. Our continued effort will be to introduce and provide awareness to the undeniable benefits of Self-Directed Investing. Join the empowering message by subscribing to and joining my social media movement below…

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